Selfie at Big Slough
Selfie at Big Slough.

My name is David Drees and I’m the author of Where Trails End blog posts.

Growing up I had the privilege of visiting places all around the United States on vacations with family as well as two mission trips to El Salvador and one to Peru. Those experiences sparked my travel and hiking bug which led me to start writing about my experiences.

I am based out of Houston, Texas, where I am employed. That’s why most of the blog posts are within a two hour drive!

Thank you for taking some interest in learning more about me. It is really easy to reach me on the Where Trails End Facebook Page if you would like to chat or ask any advice about the blog.

Other Critical Members:

My amazing girlfriend Erika, a frequent feature of the WhereTrailsEnd blog.
Erika’s dog, Charlie. American Staffordshire.