Big Slough Trail Review & Pictures [Freeport, TX, USA]

Big Slough is a sub-section of the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge located in Freeport, Texas. It is a large section of marsh and woodlands that is teeming with wildlife of all varieties!

Link: Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

Address: 2022 County Road 227, Freeport, Texas, 77541

Price: Free!

Big Slough Trail (0.6 Miles)

The entrance to the short trail, pretty cool.

I was warned by multiple park rangers that there were a lot of mosquitoes on the trail… so I decided they were probably exaggerating. They were not.

Overlooking the lake
Overlooking the lake. And my lunch spot for later on.
Big Slough Trail
This is where the fun ends and the mosquitoes begin.

The trail itself was well-maintained with a few exceptions. The back end of the short trail was not mowed, but that’s not really an issue in my book.

Grassy trail
Follow the grassy trail.

Overall the trail was a short and nice walk minus my hatred for mosquitoes. The park has no control over the winged vampires so I can’t fault them for that, especially since they warned me!

But seriously, if you watched me from a far, it appeared that I disco-danced my way through the trail in a series of shrieks, sprints, and swears.

Tuna on the trail
Tuna creations by Starkist is a seriously underrated trail food. In the background: letting my shoes and socks dry from the dew-covered path.
Lovely lake.
A lovely lake.

The Driving Tour

There is a 7-mile automobile friendly tour around the park that takes viewers around the sights. Think Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs.

Gator Nest
Gator Nest Pond… although I didn’t see any during my visit.
Auto trail
I was led on the tour by a group of rowdy schoolkids. Makes me miss field trips… but then I realize I’m on one!
The crane was hunting in the marsh.
The whole park was very scenic and natural, exactly how I love to see a wildlife refuge.

Rogers Pond Trail

A short path (inside of the auto tour) that extends further into the park. You’ll have to get out and hoof it to experience this section.

Scenic Overlook
Scenic Overlook at the trailhead.
The Beach
The Beach…
Texas Big Sky.
Texas Big Sky.
Marsh Madness
Marsh Madness
Grass for miles...
Grass for miles… and refineries in the distance (thanks Houston).
Pink flower.
Pretty pink flower. Lots of beautiful wildflowers throughout the park.
This lake is connected to the ocean so it is a mix of freshwater and saltwater.
Pricklers coming along for the ride.

TIP: When pulling off pricklers/stickers like this, it is better to use a soft grip and slight pressure to remove. If you grab them too hard they will penetrate the skin and that’s not fun.

I don’t know what the things sticking out of the water are…? Probably dead plants.
Morrow Trail
Morrow Trail entrance. Like children of the corn.

There was a sign on the side of the auto tour road stating that there was a monument on this short trail. It was really just a tree (which is perfectly fine). To park officials: please just say its a special tree at the beginning of the trail.

Teal pond platform
Teal pond viewing platform.
View from the platform.
View from the platform.
Little spider buddy
Little spider buddy hanging out on the viewing platform. Seemed friendly!

Review & Recommendation

Overall the wildlife refuge was exactly as stated. There was abundant wildlife and lots of fun different trails and trips off the main path.

This is trip for the lovers of nature in its natural state. There are no frills or stand-out trails or views. It is just a slice of the biosphere in southern Texas close to the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of bird-watching as well!

Happy adventuring!
Doofus. Happy adventuring!