Colorado Yurt Camping Review & Pictures (Walden, CO, USA)

Yurt: a freestanding shelter shaped as a large cylinder to provide a comfortable interior for camping, short-term or long-term (learn more about the history of yurts).

Yurt I Stayed In
Picture of the yurt my family stayed in. Blue t-shirt theme was unintentional.

A yurt is a fantastic hybrid between rugged outdoor camping and a comfortable cabin setting. Since they lack running water and electricity it definitely feels like camping (especially since there is a small outhouse about 50 feet from the Yurt).

Perhaps the nicest part of the yurt is the well-insulated walls and wood stove. This makes a yurt a viable alternative in the winter when even the bravest souls would not consider camping!

View out the front door.
View out the front door.

The Interior

Unfortunately I only have a few pictures of the interior of the yurt but I’ve found some good pictures online below.

In our yurt there was a wood-burning heater stove, circular table, and 3 bunk beds. The interior feels very roomy because of the unique shape of the yurt structure. The ceiling was about 9-10 feet tall.

One unique feature of the yurt we stayed in was the wooden deck you can see in both pictures. This was an awesome place to hang out, eat meals, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Colorado State Park.

Check out some more pictures below:

Yurt Interior
Not the best picture, but you can get a good idea the interior size.
Yurt Yurt
Yurt Yurt
Charcoal campsite grill.
Charcoal campsite grill.

Yurt #2 a.k.a. Mansion Yurt

Half way through the week my family moved yurts to a slightly nicer yurt. The notable difference includes an outhouse with better lighting, larger outdoor patio, and better wall insulation. All these additional attributes made it an amazing experience.

View from my brother's hammock
View from my brother’s hammock, which was hung up at campsite #2.

The Outhouse

The Outhouse at campsite #2, for #2.

Breakfast at second campsite. Majestic.

 Colorado State Forest Park

Colorado State Park is an incredible park rivaling the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Payk with substantially less foot traffic. As you may learn from reading my blog, I’m a fan of the less-traversed trail.

You can learn more about Colorado State Forest Park on their website.

Here are some pictures I took with my camera phone while there. Just try to imagine how beautiful it is with your own eyes!

Yurt rainbow.

Closest to a rainbow I’ve ever been. Struck gold!

Picturesque lake.
Picturesque lake.
View from Yurt 1
View from Yurt 1,early morning mist.

Review & My Recommendation

I give yurt camping at Colorado State Forest Park a strong 10/10.

Especially if you’ve never been camping in a yurt, the Colorado State Forest Park is an amazing setting to experience the hybrid between cabin-luxury and camping-ruggedness. This is an awesome outdoor alternative for people who do not enjoy the sound of cold wind ripping through your tent at 3:45AM.

I strongly encourage anyone reading this to find a way to experience the yurt adventure at least one time in their life. I know I will be going back as soon as possible.

Taking the beer to its origin.