Dennis Johnston Park: Review & Pictures [Spring, TX, USA]

Dennis Johnston Park is a tucked-away walking and biking path in Spring, TX, that is great for a Saturday morning walk or bike ride. Located close to Old Town Spring, it is an easy drive from downtown Houston to the park in 30 minutes or less.


Address: 709 Riley Fuzzel Road, Spring, Texas 77373

Admission: Free

Spring Creek Greenway Trail

The Spring Creek Greenway Trail winds alongside the Spring Creek in Spring, TX. Yeah, that’s a lot of Spring 🙂

I left for a quick walk along the path on a Saturday morning.

After parking and walking past the beautiful garden, you’re greeted by the Pond.
Highway Nearby
As with most parks near cities, you can’t completely escape the chaos. That’s Hardy Toll Rd in the distance.
The Beginning of a Walk
I could tell that I was going to enjoy this walk.

I shared the trail with walkers, joggers, bikers, and families with strollers. It is a very family-friendly park and has plenty of space for everyone.

Crossing Under Riley Fuzzel Drive
Crossing Under Riley Fuzzel Drive.
Spring Creek
When I think of a “Spring Creek” I rarely imagine brown bayou water! That is the reality of living in Houston, TX.
I made sure to stay under the speed limit while walking.
Through the Trees
Power Through the Trees.

The Texas morning was perfect. 72 degrees Fahrenheit, light breeze, and big, clear skies.

Collapsed Path
Evidence of Hurricane Harvey damage. This whole area was underwater and some of the other trails were damaged during the storm.
Winding Path
A winding path through the tall trees.
Morning Glory Flower
I believe this is a Morning Glory flower. Hummingbirds love them!
Swampy area to the left of the path.

As I mentioned above, there was some evidence of Hurricane Harvey (huge hurricane that hit the gulf coast in August 2017). There are many parks that are barely reopening due to the damage sustained over five months ago.

Beautiful Green
Beautiful Shades of Green.
Bridge over Creek
Bridge over Creek
Neat Creek
Not much water running through it, but during the storm I’m sure it was running wild!

Just as I passed over the bridge, I found my new best friend.

Gary the Snail
Gary the Snail. Just cruising from one side of the path to the other!
Stephen King Sewer
It was strange, but red balloons were coming out from this sewer. Maybe I’ve been watching too many horror movies…

Review & Recommendations

Dennis Johnston Park is a nice hiking and biking trail to use if you live near Spring, TX (northside of Houston, TX). It’s definitely not worth a long drive, but if it happens to be in your backyard, give it a visit! Especially if you have a bike.

As you can see from the pictures, it is a simple path that winds between tall trees and lots of green forest, making it ideal for a quick escape from the city. My only complaint is that the path is one long straight line so there aren’t any easy loops. You’ll have to do an out-and-back. But, the path does lead you straight to Pundt Park, another great place to visit in Spring, TX.

Thanks for reading this review, and happy travels!

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