Enchanted Rock: Review & Pictures [Fredricksburg, TX, USA]

Enchanted Rock state park in Fredricksburg, Texas, has been a hit Texas destination for thousands of years. According to the History section on the official State Park website, there is evidence of people camping around Enchanted Rock up to 12,000 years ago!

Address: 16710 Ranch Rd. 965, Fredericksburg, TX 78624


Admission: $7 per adult for entrance

Interpretive Loop Trail (0.50 miles)

Looking up at Enchanted Rock
Looking up at Enchanted Rock from the Interpretive Loop trail.

When we arrived it was lightly raining, so we weren’t even sure if we would be allowed access to the Summit Trail. That would have been a major bummer, having driven 4 hours from Houston.

Thankfully the sky cleared after the park was open for 30 minutes and we were able to start our climb up on to Enchanted Rock!

Erika Leads the Way
Erika started leading the way.

A little further up the hill…

First Overlook
Having climbed up for five minutes, we reached the first natural overlook to absorb the awesome scenery.
Great Scene
The balance of green life with gray and red rock was astounding.

At this point the park started crawling with fellow visitors. If you are unfamiliar, Enchanted Rock State Park is one of the most popular parks in Texas and is pretty much guaranteed to reach max capacity by 9:00am and form a quarter-mile long line of cars hoping to get in.

Get there early! Aim for 15 minutes before opening at least.

Human being for scale. These rocks are massive!
View down the hill
The perspective from the previous photo. Looking over the lower area of the park but still not at the top of Enchanted Rock.

It is always difficult to capture perspective when it comes to landscape photography. For that reason alone I strongly recommend you visit the park yourself to see the grand views. My pictures do not do it justice.

Summit Trail (0.67 Miles)

View of Enchanted Rock
The jewel of the park. Just gotta walk up to the top of that rock, right?
enchanted rock
Trying to look like Indiana Jones.

As you walk your way up to the top of Enchanted Rock you will find your breath and stride start to shorten. It is basically a strong slant, almost like climbing stairs, all the way to the top. But the view of Hill Country Texas is well worth the exertion.

Summit Trail
The view from the top of the massive rock. Texas in all directions as far as the eye can see.
Big Rocks
Who put these big rocks at the top of the mountain?

We walked to the other side of the hill to see if there was an easy way down. Unfortunately we found ourselves next to some rock climbers that had full gear and decided to 180. However, I did snap this picture with my phone of a cute Ringtail.

Texas Ringtail. We thought it was a racoon at first based on their tail.

Echo Canyon Trail (0.67 miles)

Echo Canyon Trail
The Echo Canyon Trail snakes along the West side of Enchanted Rock.

Prepare to scramble down a rocky trail if you head down this side of the trail.

Echo Canyon.
Flying down Echo Canyon.
Erika decided to take the challenging route as I walked around the rock and she crawled under.
Loop Trail Beauty
Once you escape the canyon you are rewarded with lovely views of Texas nature.

Moss Lake Trail (0.55 miles)

Moss Lake Flowers
Huge fields of flowers reigned throughout the parked.
Posing next to Enchanted Rock
Posing as best I could in front of Enchanted Rock’s backside.

Loop Trail (1.69 miles section)

The Loop Trail is technically 4.25 miles but we only covered a 1.69 mile section that stretches from Moss Lake to the camping parking lot.

Mini Rock
Conquering a smaller, yet still enchanted, rock.
I should join the Olympic gymnastics team.

The Loop Trail is a very easy hike compared to the rest of the park. Do not be fooled by the short trail distances, as the elevation changes and climbing up/down/over rocks is not for everyone.

Review and Recommendations

Enchanted Rock is a wonderful gem in Hill Country Texas. If you live within a four hour drive, it is worth a long day trip. If you live further away, it is still worth it but I’d bring a tent and turn it into a camping weekend.

If scrambling around rocks sounds like fun, this park is your oyster.

It is no surprise to me that people have been drawn to this spot for 12,000+ years to bask in the glory of Enchanted Rock. While it is just a huge rock, you could also say that the Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground.

Definitely go.

Where Trails End.
Join me finding Where Trails End.

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