Frankie Carter Randolph Park Review & Pictures [Friendswood, TX, USA]

Frankie Carter Randolph was an influential politician in the Houston, Texas area and this city park has been named in her honor. I would love for someone to name a park after me!

It is a fairly large city park that hosts lots of day-use areas: several playgrounds, a community herb garden, soccer and football fields, volleyball courts, and more picnic tables and barbecue grills than I can count!

Cost of Admission: Free

Website: Frankie Carter Randolph Park

empty lot
Not a ton of people out on a rainy weekday.

I visited on a rainy Friday morning to walk the nature trail. There must have been less than 15 people in the park, which made it feel like I had it all to myself. I didn’t see anyone else on the nature trails but there were several joggers on the running path.

Trail Entrance
The trail entrance was easy to find and looked very promising.

I said “promising” above because city parks are often a toss-up when it comes to quality. While I enjoy a nice one mile walk any day, making an entertaining and informative post on my blog takes a little bit of ‘participation’ from the park itself.

leaf in web
Spider web catches a vegetarian meal.

Thinking about a spider feeling a huge tug on its web, yelling “I caught something big!” and then crawling out to realize it’s a dead leaf made me laugh.

About five minutes into the walk it started to pour. Check out the rain drop impacts in this puddle!
Rainy path
At this point I was fairly soaked and just enjoying the slightly-warm Houston rain.
I’m not arachnophobic, but I really do not like spiders at face level…
This path leads from the park to a golf course. I heard the occasional yell and traced it to some happy golfers.
You don’t want to know how many times I jumped the path to get this shot…

The nature trail seemed like it would be a wonderful walk during a dry day. The only thing that bothered me about jogging the trail is not having enough time to dodge the spiders and their webs.

I ducked under about ten spider webs over the course of the one mile trail.

This section of the path was beautiful and spider-free.
tasty berries
Berries like this make me wish I paid a little more attention in boy scouts. Looks tasty.

On a more serious note, I would really like to start learning more about the plants in our Texas ecosystem. Especially the tasty-looking berries.

There were several benches throughout this walking trail.
Trail ends
This is where trails end. The beginning of me being lost.

A general rule of thumb that I do not follow is that if a side-path looks different than the rest of the trails in the park, it’s probably not a real trail. So, I followed this anyway and it led me down into a dark and gloomy riverbed.

After wandering around for five minutes I followed it back up to the main trail.

barbecue picnic area
The park had awesome amenities for day-visitors.

Review and Recommendations

Frankie Carter Randolph park is an awesome park for a family or group gathering. Grab a bag of charcoal, some food to barbecue, and bring everyone out!

As far as a natural park, it’s really designed as a true city park. What I mean by that is that most visitors view a park as a playground area with grass and some picnic tables. I view a park as a more natural area that hasn’t been overly developed.

However, I did enjoy my walk in the rain for a mile. If you live in Friendswood, or even south of Houston, you should stop by for an afternoon at the park.

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