Oak Thicket Park Hiking & Fishing [Fayetteville, TX, USA]

Oak Thicket Park is a Lower Colorado River Authority park located on the northeast side of Lake Fayette.  My friend and I trekked out from Houston to check out the park and historic Fayetteville, Texas.

Address: 4819 W. State Highway 159, Fayetteville, TX 78940

Website: http://www.lcra.org/parks/developed-parks/Pages/oak-thicket-park.aspx

Entrance Fee: $5 per adult

The sky above the parking lot
August 9th, the perfect day of Texas summer.

With the temperature above 95 degrees Fahrenheit and “feels-like” temp of 105 degrees Fahrenheit we decided to keep the hiking short and apply metric tons of sunscreen. For everyone outside of the United States, that is 35 degrees Celsius and 41 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

The park is mostly known as the best place to launch a boat into Lake Fayette for bass fishing but there is also an out-and-back hiking trail as well as primitive camping sites and fully-equipped cabins offered for reservation.

Rice Osborne Trail
Rice Osborne Trail is somewhere between 1.5 and 2 miles.
Awesome Shade
The best part of the trail was the mature trees providing shade for 90% of the hiking.
Where Trails End
Where Trails End.

There are plenty of spots and benches off the trail for relaxing and wildlife observation. Unfortunately most of the areas are fairly overgrown but still completely usable.

Lake Fayette from the trail
Lake Fayette from the trail. Plenty of little bugs and scurrying critters all around!
Big ol Plants
Nick posed next to some Texas-sized plants.
Relaxing Bench Spot
Relaxing bench spots overlooking the natural pond on the North-side of the trail.

On the back side of the bench, on the left there is an active wasps nest with over 15+ wasps so we decided to keep walking rather than sit down and enjoy the view!

Another pond view
Another pond view from an angle with less wasps.
Texas Trail Sky
The open-air portion of the trail where we got to appreciate our hats and sunscreen.
Trapped Leaves
Trapped leaves.
View North
View North of the trail over the green fields.

This section of the trail was very poorly marked and somewhat difficult to follow. We ended up taking an inadvertent shortcut but still enjoyed wandering around this landscape.

Picnic Spot
Excellent picnic spot underneath a shady oak tree.
Bee Pollinating
Bee and flower in perfect unity.
Steep slope
It definitely was steeper in person than it looked in this photo (haha!).

After the trail we headed over to the fishing pier and beach area of the park.

Fishing Lake Fayette

A disclaimer has to be put out that neither of us are experienced fishermen and don’t always know what we are doing. We had several fish nibbles with nothing caught but some sunburn. Also, going at 2:00pm is probably the worst time to be fishing: fish are not active and it is the hottest part of the day…

Reeds on Lake Fayette
Beautiful day to be out on the water if you have a boat.
Dead quiet on the lake.
Dead quiet on the lake.
Power Plant
The biggest eyesore on the lake, the power plant. But we all like electricity…
Catchin nothing
Catching jack-diddly zero. We used live worms and only got some nibbles but no bites.
Bugs on the water
Water bugs enjoying the shade of the pier.

Review and Recommendation

Oak Thicket Park on Lake Fayette was a fun and short trip. There are plenty of bigger and better parks within an hour of the location but I enjoyed spending the time with a friend.

I would really like to come back and reserve one the cabins for the weekend… A/C, heat, electricity, would make a trip here with friends and family an awesome experience.

Overall I would recommend this park for anyone with an hour drive or people with small children that want an easy hike and some fun fishing. Double points if you have a boat you can go fishing on (also there is a swimming beach zone in the park too).

Thank you for reading and see you out on the trails soon!

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