Places to Hang: Brazos River Memorial Park (Sugar Land, TX, USA) [#003]

Hammock Spot Brazos River
Escape into the Sugar Land, TX Memorial Park… minutes from the Freeway

How to Get There

Address: Summit Creek, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Cost of Admission: $0

  1. Start by parking at the Riverpark Pool and Park lot and walk to the bayou trail
  2. Follow the Bayou trail towards the dam (to where the sidewalk ends)
  3. Walk up onto the grass berm and follow that towards 59 interstate to the third entrance (Pioneer Ridge trail)
  4. Follow the trail into the woods and take the first right until you arrive at the park bench overlooking the small pond
Handy Trail Map
Use this map to help guide yourself. Park at the “Recreation Center.”
Where the sidewalk ends
Shel Silverstein warned me of this moment…. Step #2 from above
Berm Trail
Follow the berm towards the highway, trail entrance will be the last one on the right.

Enjoy the Trail

Part of the awesomeness of this hammock spot is all the great trails… so if hanging out isn’t your thing, and hiking is, check it out!

Trailhead leading to the spot.
Follow this trail
Luckily it had just rained so I got to see lots of green undergrowth.
Even more green! This place, being so close to bayou/river water, always looks like a jungle in the middle of a city.

Hang Out

Hammock or bench? Luckily you get to choose.
Enjoying The Hammock
Enjoying the hammock on my lunch break.
View from Hammock
View from the Hammock towards the small pond.
Otherside of the Hammock
Otherside of the Hammock.

Final Words

It’s not a spectacular place, but it is worth your visit… Especially if you live close to Sugar Land, Texas (10 minutes southwest of Houston).

More places to hang coming soon!

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