Places to Hang: Sugar Land Memorial Park (Houston, TX, USA) [#001]

Sugar Land Memorial Park Hang
Beautiful sunset view over the Brazos River

Places to Hang #001: Sugar Land Memorial Park

Overlooking the Brazos River, Sugar Land Memorial Park is a very peaceful place to setup a hammock and enjoy the muddy river. While it took some difficulty (and slightly scraped palms), it is accessible to anyone with an adventurous spirit.

Water View
Better view from the hammock.

How To Get There

Address of parking lot:
15300 University Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Cost of admission: $0

  1. Enter into the parking lot and take the roundabout loop toward the “Pawm Springs Dog Park.” It is actually the best place to park since it is closer to the river than the main lot.
  2. Walk from the parking lot along the gravel trail towards the river (Yellow star is the entrance)
Map of Area
Map of Area. Yellow = Entrance. Red = Destination.
  • The entrance is basically a 10 foot trimmed trail that opens up to the river. From here you have to climb down the dirt to get close to the river. WARNING: when we went, the dirt was loose! Very dangerous if you are not climbing carefully.
  • Head north up the river bank until you get to two trees where a hammock can be setup
Fully Lounging
Fully Lounging.
Tall View
Awesome spot!
Hang 10
Hang 10
Macro shot
The dirt trail was very muddy from recent rains.

This was a great and relaxing place to hang. My only complaint is that the slope of the hill makes it difficult to find a comfortable distance off the ground for the hammock. On one side of the hammock you will be 1 foot from the dirt and the other side 3-4 feet.

Happy hanging Houston!

Upside down hammock