Pundt Park Hiking: Review & Pictures [Spring, TX, USA]

Just north of Houston, Texas, Pundt Park is a 380-acre escape that features hiking & walking trails, biking, playgrounds, horseriding, and even a dog park! My girlfriend and I left early on a Saturday morning to explore the park.

Website: https://www.hcp4.net/Community/Parks/Pundt

Address: 4129 Spring Creek Dr, Spring, TX 77373

Admission: Free

Hardwood Trail (~0.5 miles)

After parking in the Free Parking lot, we headed towards Hardwood Trail, which runs alongside the dog park.  You can walk on the paved path, where you’ll be passed by cyclists, or walk about 15 feet off to the side on the dirt trail that winds through the trees. We chose the dirt path.

Pundt Park Spring Texas
Heading north on Hardwood Trail.
Decaying Tree
The less-traveled path that runs parallel to the paved section.

Oxbow Loop and Trail (~0.6 miles)

Hardwood Trail naturally leads towards Oxbow Loop on the north-side of the park.

Picnic Table
Picnic table overlooking the pond. This park is definitely a great place to relax away from the city noise.

Continuing on the top-side of the Oxbow Loop trail takes you to Oxbow trail, a very sandy path through thick vegetation.

Sandy Trail
Make sure you bring shoes that you don’t mind getting sandy, or are sand-proof.

Walnut Trail (~0.2 miles)

We marched through the sand towards the beach.

Overlooking Spring Creek.
Overlooking Spring Creek.

After getting a sneak preview, the trail takes you away from the beach area back into a section where we had to wade through tall grass. We didn’t see any velociraptors, thankfully.

Overgrown Trails
The trails were very overgrown at this point. Definitely wear pants, even in the Texas heat.


I put quotations around “Beach” because that is a generous term. It’s more of a sandy bank, which is expected for this ecological area north of Houston.

Looking cool
“We made it!”
Back to forest
Back to another trail that requires some maintenance. This was the worst one in the park (Walnut Trail).
Spring Water
Spring, Texas. Though this doesn’t quite look like spring water you’d want to drink.
My favorite picture of the day, this persevering plant in the middle of a huge, sandy beach.

Canoe Launch
The canoe launch area of the park.
Alfred, the beautiful dragonfly.

Creekside Trail (~0.5 miles)

After you’re done relaxing on the beach, it’s time to get back to hiking. Creekside Trail winds southward. Although we didn’t see any horses, we found evidence of them being there previously, if you catch my drift.

Dragonfly 2
Another beautiful dragonfly landing to say ‘hi!’
Creekside Trail
Creekside Trail provides shade throughout.
Creekside Trail 2
A very peaceful place to walk. Just watch out for horse droppings.

Spring Creek Gateway Trail & Fallen Pine Trail (~0.6 miles)

These two trails form a loop towards the Southern edge of the park.

This field was for horse trailer parking.
Field Flowers
A pretty grouping of flowers alongside the Horse Trail field.
Sandy Trail
The ‘Spring Creek Gateway’ section was very sandy.
Fallen Pine Trail
The ‘Fallen Pine’ section was freshly mowed and an easy stroll. We saw a deer around the bend but I didn’t take a picture in time.
As we headed back towards the parking lot we were harassed and chased by a persistent horsefly for a quarter mile.

Review and Recommendations

A small blog post for a small, but pleasant park.

If you live near Spring, Texas, definitely visit on an upcoming weekend when the weather is nice. The park was a beautiful place for an easy walk through the trees.

For those unfamiliar with Spring, it’s about 10 miles north of Houston. If you visit Pundt Park in the morning, swing back towards Old Town Spring to grab a late lunch at Loose Caboose or Corkscrew Barbecue.

Have a safe trip!

“The woodchips are lava!”

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