Winter Wonderland: Pictures from Wisconsin and Washington

Over the holiday break I was able to visit my relatives in Wisconsin and travel to my parent’s new home state, Washington. Coming from Texas, I was in for some serious snow adventures and cold weather ­čÖé

The first location is a small town in Northeast Wisconsin. The next several pictures are from our time there…

Bird Gossip
Some birds gossiping at the feeder.
Snow storm
Capturing the snow storm. It snowed very heavily. The picture is overlooking a frozen lake with trees in the distance.
Another noticeable thing about winter is how early the sun sets. This picture was taken at 4:00pm.
Bird House
Forget bird house, this is a bird mansion.
Throwing Snow
Throwing snow in the air.

Next we headed┬ásouth to visit more family towards Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the area where I grew up ­čÖé

Colorful Lights
Experimenting with my new camera. Any tips on night shooting would be highly appreciated in the comments.

After visiting family there, we zig-zagged across Wisconsin to arrive at MSP and take a flight to Seattle, Washington. My first time visiting the Pacific North West!

The snow stuck to everything like I’ve never seen before. Check out the mazes of branches!

My parents are the directors of the Grunewald Guild, a non-profit retreat experience that empowers visitors to explore their own faith through artwork and the natural beauty of Cascades mountain range.

We spent our days there together painting, enameling, messing around with clay, and playing board games late into the night.

They have summer programs if you are interested in learning more about the Guild and how you can have your own once-in-a-lifetime experience. They’ll welcome anyone with open arms and it really is a special place to be. Check it out on their Facebook page as well.

View over Wenatchee River
View over Wenatchee River. It stays flowing in the winter and therefore never freezes, even with many days below freezing.
Fish Lake
Lake Wenatchee, located near Leavenworth, Washington. There are beautiful cross country skiing trails located at the parks in the area.
Sun star
Sun star!
Through the Trees
Beautiful sun peaking through the trees. The temperature difference between sun and shade is extremely noticeable.

LeavenworthLeavenworth, Washington’s main strip. It is a small town with German architecture and theme. We ate at Bavarian Bistro and Bar and it was really fun.

This was just a little blog post writing up my holiday experience with family and experiencing the great snow of 2016! Coming from Houston, Texas, we rarely ever get snow (seriously once every 5 years at most).

I would encourage everyone in the United States to seek out some snow every winter time. If you’re from the south you will definitely gain an appreciation for the beauty of snow and the excellence of living in a warmer climate ­čÖé

I hope that you had a fantastic winter break and you were able to spend time with family and friends. Remember: wear gloves, pack tissues in your coat pockets, and make sure you have an extra log for the fire at all times.

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